Did you ever pass a stranger on your way that offered you an unexpected, but welcoming smile – one of those that leaves you just a little happier and slightly more energized? Maybe even felt inspired to pass a smile on to the next stranger passing your way.
A reminder that the world is full of (genuine) good hearted people and that the distance between you and a passing strangers is no further than a smile?
This feeling is the essence of ÉNWEST’s existence. From the very first vest, made by a small tailor in Hoi An for our founders own wardrobe, to the initial production of 40 vests from that same tailor, this warm feeling was the motivation and driving force towards the ambition of creating clothes, that facilitates positive social interactions. Namely because this was exactly what founder Matilde, experienced. Smile after smile after unexpected compliments she was convinced that the world is more beautiful, when we carry smiles and positivity into the world – and thereby, eliminates the distance between strangers.
Realistically we know that single pieces of clothing cannot save the world. Not at all. Though, we do believe that there is enough clothes in world already, hence you need an actual good reason to produce more – specially from our perspective with an aim to actively incorporate sustainability in every aspect of our value- and production chain over time. That’s why we seriously consider the value of each ÉNWEST product and only launch item that actively works towards our mission of creating more smiles. Smiles from the owner, smiles from friends as well as strangers, infectious smiles because the essence of a smile is unprejudiced and do not know of the differences between its holders. 
We belive in the domino effect of a smile. That a single smile holds the power of a chain reaction of positive interactions among humans. We simply can’t get enough of them. The smiles. It may sound simple, but consider for a moment, if it isn’t quite a great reason to get up, put on clothes and go out into the world, day after day.
To us the answer is simple, cause we have already seen and felt the effect, not just for ourselves, but with our customers too. It tells us that we are on a right track. And that we have put ourselves up for a never-ending task, that only creates more value and great energy. Day after day. Vest after vest. Smile after smile.